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Representing Homelessness July 18th 2019

Three back to back interviews with media-makers Paul Atherton and Sabine Hellman followed by Professor Susan Phillips and facilitated by Emma Street and Alex Lewczuk on the first day of the British Academy Representing Homelessness conference at the University of Lincoln.

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Apollo 11, Courtney Cannon, Native Voices and the 2019 San Diego Comic Con

Robin Pierce , Fergus Jeffs, Emma Street, Eva Macdonald, Anna Lewis, William Coles and Alex Lewczuk connect with Virginia Based Courtney Cannon, Student Vet Zoe Jamison, Writer/Producer Arthur Weingarten, `Dr Trek` Larry Nemecek, Writers Samantha Lee Howe and David J Howe before wrapping up with some key reflections on Native Voices in the USA from […]

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Newark Book Festival 2019 Launch event

In which Emma Street and Alex Lewczuk encounter Sara Bullimore. Town Crier Steve, Lauren Wood, Zuska the greatest showgirl, the Robin Hood Theatre Company and Quids for Kids at the opening launch of the Newark Book Festival #Newarkbf

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Romantic writing, William Coles, Kimberly Stuart, Paul Zollo and Ezekial Bone

Emma Street, Fergus Jeffs and Alex Lewczuk launch the programme with William Coles before heading to Des Moines Iowa to discuss the awesome work of Kimberly Stuart after which Zoe Jameson reports from a mystery train station, Paul Zollo provides more music updates from Los Angeles, Robin Pierce critiques the programme from Wales , Ade […]



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All things radio. Radio legend Trevor Dann discusses his career, love of radio and work at the University of Lincoln. Smith is joined by Journalism lecturer Sue North and MA journalism student Ed Wellman to discuss the last seven days in news – seeing what’s made the headlines and discussing why. This week’s stories include America’s alleged spying on allies and how the papers covered the Royal christening. week is all about transport as we visit a grid square where road, rail, canal and cycleway intersect.  Having thrashed Jonny on the Skelly Straight cycle challenge, Paul reveals his rock & roll past and is shocked to discover Jonny’s criminal tendencies.  Paul and Jonny then consider the current popularity of cycling and the […], games and all things geek for 18th October. Jonathan presents a guide to Windows 8.1, tries an online keyboard plus looks at the Frequency Festival happening in the city. Plus – find out about “Revolution in the Bedroom, War in the Playground” – an exciting new exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and […] Smith is joined by Roger de Bank and Alice Rose to discuss the last seven days in news – seeing what’s made the headlines and discussing why. This week’s stories include finding out what a selfie is and the recent price rise from the energy companies. week we venture up Canwick Hill to an area alongside Lincoln Road which apparently contains Canwick Pits.  At least, that’s what our map tells us – but we were once again thwarted by fences and “keep out” signs, leading Jonny to speculate what the authorities might be hiding in there.  Meanwhile, Paul discovers that, […]

On this week’s Food for Thought I chat to Claire Jones from Sweet Heat Chilli and also found out how Sam Pidoux’s leftover food challenge went., games and all things geek for October 11th. Jon Cresswell looks at Samsung’s new curved phone and looks at some of the other weird phones around, can you tell the difference between IKEA or Death Metal? Plus, becoming a proper developer, Phoenix Wright and the Frequency Festival is coming back to Lincoln. Smith is joined by Charlotte Reid and Geoff Adams to discuss the last seven days in news – seeing what’s made the headlines and discussing why. This week’s stories include the Drones trial and the latest on Edward Snowden.

Sex, Cake & Rock ‘n Roll !!! No band has divided opinion like KORN, truly innovative when they burst onto the Metal scene almost 20 years ago. On this week’s show we have a special three song taste of their new album ‘The Paradigm Shift’ which is certainly a return to form. We also have […]