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The Contemporary Christmas Song Challenge 2018

Zee Krayski, James J Turner, Tim May ( Aliens ) , Ed James and David from Time Dilation Unit are the awesome entries into the 2018 Midweek Drive Christmas song contest. With a judging team featuring Anna Lewis, Graeme Harper, Racheal & Jacob Teate, Professor Jason Whittaker, Ben Lewis, Eva Macdonald, Bethany Gulliver, Rory McGowan, […]

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Lincolnshire Remembers – War Requiem, Benjamin Britten

Lincolnshire Remembers - 6 Choirs, 2 orchestras, 1 county united in Remembrance.

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`Roma` `Tulip Fever`, Ryan Sidebottom, Habits of the Wealthy, UPS , and William Sitwell

Gabriella Peralta launches another programme which connects Richard Fitzwilliams, Jeremy Harbour, Ian Lennox, Ryan Sidebottom, Dr Rainer Zitelmann, Mohammed Said-Helfer and William Sitwell with Emma Street, Andrew King, Ben Lewis and Alex Lewczuk

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Change in 2018

Join Dan & Luke for Change In 2018 on Siren Radio.


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Difference In A Modern Day

Join Chloe & Roshane for Difference In A Modern Day on Siren Radio.

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Join Ceri & Jessica for Stressmas on Siren Radio.

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Night Online

Join Sophie & James for Night Online on Siren Radio.

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Scooters, Mexico, The Universe & Shatner Claus

Dave Walker returns to the programme with news of his awesome Scooter events, The New Theatre Royal Lincoln Panto and together with Ben Lewis, Rory MacGowan and Keera Lewis connect with Anna Lewis in London, William Coles in Edinburgh, Mike Dooley in Mexico, Luke Corradine in France and Larry Nemecek & Phil Leirness in Los […]

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Lincolnshire Food and Gift fair 2018 – A Royal Radio adventure

Alex Lewczuk, Keera Allsebrook, Becki Morgan-Phillips & Amelia Chambers provide a pot-pourri of audio delights from the Lincolnshire Food and Gift fair.

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Annette Andre, JLS, Veganism and the return of William Sitwell

Becki Morgan-Phillips, Rory McGowan, Ben Lewis, Gabriella Peralta, Richard Fitzwilliams, Ian Lennox and Alex Lewczuk discuss canine travelling companions.

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Suite Sounds – the #80s edition

Suite Sounds - the #80s edition, with Gabriella and Sapphire

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Join Natasha & Scott for It Sounds Like Animation on Siren Radio.